ReBrand: Partick Thistle FC


Being that Partick Thistle finished at the top of the First Division, they will be playing the 2013-14 season in the SPL for the first time since the 2004. Their current crest has been in use since 2008 (having replaced a rather hideous modernist crest they used from 1990). I actually think the current crest is very strong, but I experimented with trying to tie a bit more history into it. Being that Partick Thistle has actually played in Maryhill (as opposed to Partick) since 1909, I wanted to find a way to acknowledge their mixed history by blending elements of both the Partick and Maryhill coats of arms in order to form the crest centrepiece. But that design proved too busy (it might be able to be retooled later). So for Partick Thistle I simply changed the typeface and added a few rings to frame the crest better:

Partick Thistle FC old

Welcome back to the top tier, ye Jags!

[See an updated version of my Partick Thistle badge here.]




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