ReBrand: Scottish Professional Football League

SPFL badge new-01I first began redesigning Scottish football badges in 2013 as a personal challenge. Eventually, I lost a bit of steam, but have found myself reembarking on the endeavour as of late.

In 2018, I set myself the task of tweaking or completely redesigning my initial rebrandings, particularly those which I have found uninspiring or too similar to current badges. I have also expanded beyond my original redesigns (the 2013/14 top tier and a smattering of lower division clubs) to include the entirety of the Scottish Professional Football League, as well as redesigns of home and away strips. Below is the strange and obsessive fruit of my labour.


SP tn

AFC tn    CFC tn    DFC tn

HAFC tn    HMFC tn    HFC tn

KFC tn    LFC tn    MFC tn

RFC tn    SJFC tn    SMFC tn

SC tn

AAFC tn    AUFC tn.png    DUFC tn

DAFC tn    FFC tn    GMFC tn

ICTFC tn    PTFC tn    QSFC tn



SL1 tn

AirFC tn    ArbFC tn    BCFC tn

DumFC    EFFC tn.png    FAFC tn.png

MoFC tn.png    RRFC tn    SteFC tn

StrFC tn


SL2 tn

AlbRFC tn    AAFC tn.png    BRFC tn

CFC tn    CowFC tn    EdiCFC tn

ElgCFC tn    PFC tn    QPFC tn




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