ReBrand: Scottish Lowland Football League

LFL badge new-01I first began redesigning Scottish football badges in 2013 as a personal challenge. In 2018, I set myself the task of tweaking or completely redesigning my initial rebrandings, and completing badge and strip redesigns for the entirety of the Scottish Professional Football League. This year, I completed the Highland Football League and am now onto the Lowland Football League.

As things go, historical resources for many of the clubs in these non-professional Scottish leagues are lacking. But I have ventured to utilise as much as the respective club/local histories as is available more readily in order to develop significant and [hopefully] interesting designs.


BRFC tn     BRFC tn     BSCGFC     CBFCtnCSSFC tn     CCFC tn     DSFC tn     EKFC tn East Stirlingshire tn     EUAFC tn     GFRFC tn     G2008FC tnKelty Hearts FC tn     SFC tn     USFC tn     VLFC tn


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